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Are you drowning in the sea of health and fitness information? You’re not alone. This paradigm shifting book, authored by Joshua C. Meyers, BAS, Certified Personal Trainer and Elizabeth L. Merriweather, LCSW, Certified Life Coach, is unlike any other fitness workbook. The Ultimate Fitness Workbook provides the formula for your permanent fitness success, blending the expertise of a body sculptor with a master at mindset matters.

Your days of yo-yo dieting and ineffective exercising have ended. Along with detailed exercise and nutrition information, this workbook walks you through the process of navigating the powerful mindset shift you need to consistently live a fit lifestyle. Read Coach Elizabeth Merriweather’s testimony of physical transformation that she credits to the nutrition and exercise training provided by Coach Joshua Meyers. Then, in the pages of this workbook write your own story of fitness success.

Choose your unique path to losing fat, sculpting muscle, living healthy and breaking through personal barriers to reach your ultimate potential. You benefit from this unique workbook as it…

  • Is your main source of information for fitness; from nutrition to the skin and all within
  • Walks you through the process of clarifying your fitness goal
  • Helps you identify the mental barriers that have hindered your progress in the past
  • Assists you in designing a nutrition plan that works for you
  • Aids you in understanding how to apply cardio and weight training to meet your fitness goal.
  • Guides you in crafting an accountability plan to sustain your success
  • And so much more!

Order your copy here and buy a second copy for someone you care very much about!

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      Thank you! Would love to hear more about what you’re experiencing. Email Coach Liz