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A master at mindset shifting, Coach Liz is passionate about supporting others in developing the mindset that matters in order to become fit, for life! Coach Liz went through her own physical transformation from fat to fit in 2012 while training with Coach Josh Meyers.

If you have purchased a copy of The Ultimate Fitness Workbook you are welcome to join our private Facebook group. Though your involvement in the group you will choose your unique path to losing fat, sculpting muscle, living healthy and breaking through personal barriers to reach your ultimate potential.

You benefit from this unique group and workbook study as it…

  • Is your main source of information for fitness; from nutrition to the skin and all within
  • Walks you through the process of clarifying your fitness goal
  • Helps you identify the mental barriers that have hindered your progress in the past
  • Assists you in designing a nutrition plan that works for you
  • Aids you in understanding how to apply cardio and weight training to meet your fitness goal
  • Guides you in crafting an accountability plan to sustain your success
  • Offers you access to personalized support by sharing updates with Coach Liz and fellow group members

Join the free on-line support group right now. Order your own copy of the book here, then request membership by clicking the following Facebook link;

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